A Platform for Pragmatic Utopia
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Our immigration system is a mire for passion and innovation.
This outdated system has shackled the most brilliant among us. The tenacious, the tireless workers, the artists and inventors, the world explorers — all tied down by the chains of bureaucratic red tape.
Since our inception, Issa was driven by a mission to bridge this disconnect. Our founders — entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and immigrants — intimately understand the frustrations of this system. Their firsthand experience spurred the creation of Issa, a transformative technology designed to streamline immigration and global mobility. Thus, Issa was born.
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Issa works to shape a world where the brave can move and work freely, anywhere. A world where businesses can tap into the reservoir of global talent and unlock boundless growth.
The advent of cloud-based software has simplified globalization. Today, we see international goods and capital flowing seamlessly across borders. You order from Amazon or Shopee without ever having to think about customs or trade laws — thanks to digitization. Now what if our immigration and hiring processes could be just as seamless?
Welcome to Issa.
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