A community program for ethnical businesses and international staff.

We create new opportunities for restaurant owners and international employees. Join us to create a world where everyone thrives.

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We know that people are at the heart of all great businesses, and amazing people can come from anywhere. Issa is a global community program and software platform that helps international staff seamlessly navigate the immigration process.

Imagine never having to worry about paperwork again when you move and work internationally. Imagine working with your global dream team.


With Issa, owners can hire staff in minutes without worrying about compliance or qualification and international staff can automate their entire legal process within days on our app.





Issa was instrumental for us after the pandemic. Within two weeks, Issa doubled our workforce. We soon trusted Issa-trained crew members to lead the service at our flagship location.

General Manager, Broccoli Revolution

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Issa is a community platform and legaltech company backed by Iterative VC. Our founders are social entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and technologists. With decades of experience serving communities in Southeast Asia and innovating technologies in Silicon Valley, our shared mission is to create a world where passionate people can move and build their dreams anywhere.

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As a team of restaurateurs and hoteliers, Issa knows the struggles of the service sector firsthand. We have good news. Learn more about Issa's offering.

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Our world is global. It's time for people to be global too. Imagine a world where anyone can move and work anywhere. Learn more about our mission.