A community program for committed businesses and international staff.
Issa connects local owners and international talent to build businesses together. With software that automates away immigration, Issa opens a new world of talent and opportunities.
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Great things never come from comfort zones. They come from the intersection of diverse minds, cultures, and perspectives. The power to shape your own life should not be hindered by paperwork. It should be limitless, seamless, and worry-free.
Welcome to Issa, the bridge that directly connects businesses to a world of international talent.

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In the fast-paced industry of restaurants and hospitality, the right team is your secret ingredient. Yet the challenge of finding committed, professional staff is a recipe that many owners struggle to perfect. A vacant position is not just an empty role. It's unrealized potential, lost revenue, missing holes in your vision.
At Issa, we understand this challenge, and we are committed to transforming it. We harness the power of technology and a global community to change the way you hire and retain talent. Our platform serves as a bridge between your brand and new international talent waiting to be discovered.
For talent, we turn a daunting legal journey into a streamlined experience, one they can navigate within days on our app. This means they can focus on what they do best — bringing their skills, passion, and unique flavors to your table.


Broccoli Revolution
Ayara Kamala Resort
Breakfast Story
Homeland Cafe

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Issa is more than just a community program. Issa is a belief — a conviction that the right people can transform your brand. Backed by global investors and led by a team of technologists and seasoned restaurateurs, our mission is to foster a world where passionate people from anywhere can move freely, work creatively, and contribute to your company vision.
Join us. Let's redefine what's possible, together. Welcome to Issa.
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As a team of restaurateurs and hoteliers, Issa knows the struggles of the service sector firsthand. And we have good news. Learn more about Issa's offering.

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Our world is global. It's time for people to be global too. Imagine a world where anyone can move and work anywhere. Learn more about our mission.