Human-centered Immigration and Hiring
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Crafted to simplify, designed to empower. At Issa, we are about cutting through the red tape of immigration into untapped opportunities. Our platform streamlines the immigration journey, automating the intricate steps into a seamless process. But Issa is more than just an app; it's your permission to choose your dreams again.
For Owners
By restaurateurs, for restaurateurs. In a global labor shortage, hiring can be hard, but it does not have to be. We designed our offering for what we wish to have as owners ourselves.
Working with Issa is simple.
First, you tell us your needs.
Then we reach out to our immediate community of 70,000+ professionals and our larger reach of 900,000+ community members.
We introduce you to qualified F&B employees eager to commit to your brand long-term.
And we automatically handle compliance and administration, worry-free.
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For Talent
We started as a small community program to give possibilities to passionate young people in transition. As immigrants, Issa's founders know firsthand the fears and frustrations of starting over in a new country. That is why, at our core, Issa is built to offer a better life for everyone everywhere who is willing to work for their dreams.
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Issa has one transparent model: We are always and completely free.
Our legal automation and employer matching platform — helping you navigate getting identification, visa, and work permit — is free for everyone. Then we will prepare you, help you secure a job that you love and are willing to commit to for the next year, negotiate fair employment and salary for you, and give you career support for a lifetime. We plan to grow, succeed, and thrive together as a community.
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